Southgate Medical Pharmacy is an independent, full-service community pharmacy. As a small, neighborhood pharmacy we strive to get to know our patients on a professional level. All of our staff reside locally and support our community businesses.
Victor J Lucci, RPh
Supervising Pharmacist
Vic graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 1988 with a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy. After 15 years of working in hospital and home care infusion pharmacy, Vic opened Southgate Medical Pharmacy in 2003 and has served as supervising pharmacist since. An Army Reserve veteran, he served as the officer in charge of the pharmacy, lab and x-ray unit of the 365th EVAC army reserve hospital during Desert Storm. Vic is also a certified immunizer, having completed his certification in 2012.

Vic enjoys his career in pharmacy because it provides the opportunity to support the health and well-being of those in his community. He currently resides in Orchard Park with his wife and dog and enjoys skiing and playing tennis.
Kristine Benz
Pharmacy Technician
Kris has been working in pharmacy since 2002. During her many years in independent pharmacy she has met many people and learned a lot. She applies that knowledge everyday at work to help with patient care whenever she can. Kris lives in Hamburg with her husband, son, and two dogs.
Anne Marie Morreale, PharmD
Karen Wailand Conrad, PharmD
Karen graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry in 2000 and earned her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University at Buffalo in 2005. She has been working locally in the field since 2000 and has been with Southgate Medical Pharmacy sine 2005. She is fully certified to immunize and enjoys playing a role in keeping our community healthy. Karen resides in West Seneca with her husband and two sons.
Audrey Winkowski, PharmD
Audrey graduated in 2000 from Canisius College with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry. She continued her education at the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and earned her PharmD degree in 2004. Audrey has been working in local independent pharmacies since 1998. She specializes in the art of compounding medications. She enjoys meeting new patients and helping them with their pharmaceutical needs. Audrey resides in Elma with her husband and three daughters.